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In addition, the change and upgrade of demand structure, change from incremental leading to inventory leading and other factors

Recently, the steering committee of energy conservation and resource utilization of machinery industry issued the recommended catalogue of energy conservation mechanical and electrical equipment (products) (the fifth batch). According to the experimental data, the cost of adopting the new equipment will be paid back in the form of energy saving within two years. In the future, companies can enjoy the long-term benefits of new equipment. If the contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction itself is taken into account, the significance of choosing new equipment is more obvious. As the key energy-consuming unit in the industrial field, mechanical and electrical equipment plays an important role in China's measures to save resources. The electricity consumption of electric motors, transformers, welders, furnaces and other mechanical and electrical products accounts for more than 70% of the country's electricity consumption. Take electric motors as an example. Every one percentage point increase in the energy efficiency of electric motors in the industrial field can save 26 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption annually. By promoting efficient motor, eliminated with inefficient, remanufacturing, the inefficient motor effectively as well as to the motor system according to the load characteristics and operation condition matching efficiency improvements, etc., can be from 5 to 8% overall ascension motor system efficiency, which can realize energy saving from 130 billion to 230 billion KWH, equivalent to two to three gorges power station. In 2014, the ministry of industry and information technology actively promoted the implementation of special funds or the use of existing funding channels to subsidize energy-saving upgrading of motor systems, and supported a number of demonstration projects. The ministry of industry and information technology takes the plan to improve motor energy efficiency as one of the important tasks in the field of industrial energy conservation and emission reduction in the next three years. According to the plan of the ministry of industry and information technology, 170 million kilowatts of high-efficiency motors will be promoted and 100 million kilowatts of energy-saving technology will be implemented in the next three years. According to this estimate, the demand for efficient motor and related equipment is close to 100 billion yuan.

"In 2015, it will be more difficult for the machinery industry to achieve growth as the scale base increases. Coupled with the change and upgrading of the demand structure, and the change from incremental to inventory-led, the market will continue to pressure the transformation and upgrading of the industry." CAI weici, director of the steering committee of energy conservation and resource utilization of the machinery industry, said that facing the current severe challenges, machinery industry enterprises need to explore and adjust the level of industrial structure and business model, and shift their focus to rely on energy conservation and emission reduction technology to support the innovative development of the industry. In this regard, he suggested, through the recommendation and elimination of directory compilation, boost the industry product structure optimization; Accelerate the upgrading of the industrial structure of the machinery industry through the formulation of energy-saving technical standards and the promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies; Through the application of advanced energy-saving technology and equipment to improve the energy efficiency of product design, manufacturing and other links, promote energy conservation and emission reduction in an all-round way, promote the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure. High efficiency motor needs to take measures from design, material and process to save energy. In order to save energy and protect the environment, high-efficiency motor is the current international development trend, the United States, Canada, Europe has issued the relevant laws and regulations.