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1. Major in human resources and management;
2. Have 1-2 years of hr recruitment experience;
3. Good communication skills and fluent mandarin;
4. I have a clear career plan for myself, and I am dedicated and responsible to my work.

1. Bachelor degree or above, management professional preferred;
2. Have professional knowledge of enterprise management, business administration and administration;
3. Received training in leadership development, strategic management, organizational change management, strategic human resource management, economic law and ginseng management
4. At least 5 years of enterprise management experience, at least 3 years of middle and senior management experience;
5. Strong organization and coordination ability, management ability and business ability. Qujiang new district, xi 'an

Xi 'an qujiang new area salary range 3,000-5,000

1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Active, cheerful, enthusiastic, proactive, responsible, active in thinking and good at communication;
Familiar with the planning and operation process of public welfare activities, large conferences and exhibitions and other projects and have relevant working experience

in xi 'an is 3,000-10,000

1. Strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;
2. Tough character, quick thinking, good adaptability and pressure bearing ability;
3, articulate, fluent mandarin, the language is infectious.

Salary range: 5000-15000

Qualifications :(part-time)
1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing or related field;
2. More than 5 years of market management experience;
3. Excellent communication skills, team building ability and organizational development ability.

Salary range 3,000-5,000

1. Health management certificate is preferred;
2. Nursing experience is preferred;
3. Major in health service management;
4, good image, temperament, height above 162cm;
5, strong communication skills, affinity, basic service etiquette.