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Vidotuzumab can maintain long-term clinical remission in patients with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis

Continuous clinical remission is an important therapeutic target for moderate to severe UC. However, viduzumab has an excellent effect on maintaining UC remission. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the efficacy of viduzumab in maintaining UC remission.

The researchers used two definitions to assess continued clinical remission (primary end point) :(1) partial Mayo clinic score (pMS)≤2 and (2) rectal bleeding score (RBS) 0. All patients were treated with vedozumab for 14, 26, 38, and 52 weeks.

The results of
Patients receiving vidozumab (n = 620) had a significantly higher proportion of patients in clinical remission at week 14 than those receiving placebo (n = 149)(pMS: 32.7%vs 20.1%). 95% confidence interval [CI], 5.2-20.0]; RBS, 47.3% vs 28.9% [Δ 18.4%; 95% CI, 10.1 to 26.7]). Patients in clinical remission at week 14 had significantly higher rates of sustained clinical remission (pMS: 66.5%vs 26.7%; Δ 39.8%; 95% CI, 22.7 to 56.9; RBS: 56.7% vs 20.9%; Δ 35.7%; 95% CI, 22.3 49.1).

Compared with placebo, 35 to 40 percent of patients who received the full induction course of viduzumab remained in clinical remission 52 weeks after treatment. Clinical remission at week 14 May be a predictor of continued clinical remission of vidozhuzumab.

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